Biomass and Biogas

From the raw material, wood, to methanization



Biomass accounts for more than 55% of the energy produced from renewable resources in France, making it a key resource in the energy mix. The Nation’s renewable energy strategy aims to continue to increase the proportion of biomass in the energy mix through 2020. While biomass is certainly not the most talked-about form of renewable energy, it remains the leading form of renewable energy in France. And the use of biomass will continue to rise. The major challenge is that the nation’s biomass resources are abundant but difficult to harvest.


Biomass is a major source (around 80%) of renewable heat production.



Biogas is a key contributor to achieving France’s Energy Transition for Sustainable Growth Act goals: developing the use of renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and developing the circular economy, most notably by recycling digestate from methanization in the farming industry.

The Energy Transition for Sustainable Growth Act, passed in 2015, sets a target of 10% biomethane in the energy mix (around 30 TWh) by 2030. The total global raw material available for methanization by 2030 has been estimated at 56 TWh of primary energy in biogas production. And 90% of the raw material is agricultural waste. At end-2016 France counted 24 biomethane production sites injecting the gas into utility networks. By end-2018 this number is expected to rise to 100, with around fifteen sites in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. 


Tenerrdis, AFG Centre Est (the regional arm of France’s national gas-industry federation), and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Energie Environnement (the regional energy agency) have joined forces under the Biogaz Génér’action alliance


In November 2016, AFG Centre Est (the regional arm of France’s national gas-industry federation), Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Energie Environnement (the regional energy agency), and Tenerrdis announced the creation of Biogaz Génér’action, a regional alliance to promote the biogas and biomethane industries.


Tenerrdis is active in the following fields:

key figures 

91 Tenerrdis members

27 collaborative R&D projects and prototypes/demonstrator systems

€101 Milliontotal R&D spending



Did you know…

Tenerrdis is a member of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region’s strategy committee on wood energy.

The cluster also coordinates a working group on wood-ash-to-energy conversion, an issue that aligns with the region’s circular economy objectives. The working group facilitates the emergence of experimental projects that will aid in identifying obstacles and potential opportunities. The goals are to share this information with national stakeholders and ensure that the needs of regional stakeholders are met.