A multipartenarial governance

The Tenerrdis energy cluster is a nonprofit organization established under the laws of France. It coordinates a diverse number of members that break down into 5 colleges : Corporations, SMB, academics, local communities and others associations.

The Tenerrdis Board of Directors, made up of representatives of all five colleges, determines the cluster’s strategy and approves the operating budget. The nine-member Bureau of the Board of Directors ensures that the decisions made are implemented.


The Board of Directors


The Bureau

Julien Français, Chairman | Isabelle Guillaume, Secretary | Didier Roustan, Treasurer | Edouard Villotte, VP Corporations | Raphael D’Onofrio, VP SMBs | François Legalland, VP Centers of Excellence (technological innovation) | Delphine Riu, VP Centers of Excellence (higher education and academic research)  | Georges Seimandi, Advisor | Laurent Grimaud, Advisor |