The operational team

A multi-talented team to serve our members

The Operational Team combine all the expertise to implement the cluster’s strategy and to lead its day-to-day activity. Program Coordinators and Domain Experts with backgrounds in industry, research, and education provide technology insights and project-management know-how to support the cluster initiatives across the energy target industries.


The Operational Team



The Program Coordinators and The DOMAIN Experts


Renewable energy production and integration into carbon-free energy

Stéphane Barre – UGA/LEGI
Vincent Briat – RTE
Régiane Fortes – Grenoble INP
Nouredine Hadjsaid – Grenoble INP
Karine Hyvernat – GRTGaz

Philippe Lay – ECM Technologie
Farid Mazzouji – GE
Christophe Menezo – USMB
Aziz Ouaabi – CNR
Claude Rebattet – Grenoble INP


Energy conversion and storage

Yann Bulten, LEPMI
Sébastien Cerise – REYES
Renaud Guillaume – SuperGrid Institute
Olivier Machet – ENGIE
Thierry Priem – CEA



Multi-energy microgrids


Françoise Burgun – CEA
Hervé Morel – INSA / Laboratoire Ampère
Clovis Ngagueu – Schneider Electric
Patrick Rakotondranahy – Enedis



Energy efficiency for buildings and industry

Elieta Carlu – Alliance Allice
Marc Clausse – INSA Lyon
Laurent Legay – Vicat
Bernard Maestrali – EDF
Romain Nouvel – OTEIS

Julien Poillot – Vicat
Daniel Quenard – CSTB
Johanne Ulrich – InnoEnergy
Etienne Wurtz – CEA
Henri Obara – Schneider Electric


Carbon-free mobility

Xavier Bourat – Total
Didier Remond – INSA Lyon
Mathieu Grenier – MoblityWay (Vinci)
Emilie Forster – SYANE

Gladys Montagnole – GRDF
Jean Varlet – USMB


Embedeed intelligence ans cybersecurity for energy systems

Matthieu Bourgain – Automatique & Industrie
Raphaël Caire – G2eLab
Philippe Broun – INRIA
Bruno Charrat – CEA LETI

Hélène Schricke – ATOS
Frédéric Wurtz – G2eLab


Cross-domain experts

Martial Archenault – Engie/Cylergie
Fabrice Arroyo – GEM
Daniel Bellet – Institut Carnot Energie du Futur
Gilles Debizet – UGA
Benard Maestrali – EDF
Gilles Talbotier – SATT Linksium