A flexible energy carrier compatible with multiple applications


Hydrogen offers strong potential as both an energy carrier and as a means of storing energy in tomorrow’s renewable, carbon-free energy mix. In other words, hydrogen brings effective solutions to some of the major challenges of the energy transition and has the capacity to drive economic growth. Furthermore, hydrogen can be produced from renewable energy, a factor that will contribute to making tomorrow’s energy supply more secure. And, hydrogen can be produced where it is needed and converted into electricity using fuel cells; the electricity can then be used to power vehicles or stationary equipment, or be stored for later use.


The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region is home to 80% of France’s hydrogen-energy stakeholders, the vast majority members of Tenerrdis.


Tenerrdis hydrogen-energy programs address innovation in the following areas:

While early-stage research and R&D are vital to staying ahead in the hydrogen-energy landscape, the current preference is toward developing market-ready solutions and experimenting with hydrogen-energy implementation on larger scales. Tenerrdis supports projects like Zero Emission Valley (ZEV), an initiative of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional government that will roll out 1,000 vehicles and 20 fueling stations within five years.



83Tenerrdis members

64collaborative R&D projects and prototypes/demonstrator systems

€210 milliontotal R&D spending



Did you know…

Tenerrdis is a member of Mobilité Hydrogène France, a consortium of stakeholders from the public and private sectors working together to drive the expansion of hydrogen-powered mobility in France and support the growth of the region’s hydrogen-energy industry.