A steadily-growing industry


Wind is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy segments in the world. The International Energy Agency predicts that the share of wind energy in the energy mix will increase 40% by 2040.

In terms of wind-energy potential, France ranks second in Europe. The nation’s installed base represented 12 GW in 2017, a capacity that is expected to rise to 25 GW by 2020.

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region is a hub for wind-energy know-how, with stakeholders spanning the entire value chain from components and systems manufacturing to electrical, civil, and project engineering and construction, maintenance, and operations services. No other region in France has such a large and concentrated pool of wind-energy experts.

Tenerrdis’ driving purpose is to coordinate the efforts of stakeholders across the wind-energy industry, which offers strong potential for innovation.


Tenerrdis’ wind-energy programs focus on several innovation pillars:



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Did you know…

Tenerrdis recently added wind-energy to its roadmap. The cluster now covers all renewable-energy industries, further increasing its capacity to create and leverage synergies between stakeholders from industry and research. Tenerrdis’ wind-energy activities are implemented in close cooperation with the cluster’s hydrogen (energy storage), solar (cogeneration and aggregation), and grid activities. The cluster’s objective is to coordinate the efforts of wind-energy stakeholders across the region to encourage the emergence of collaborative innovation projects.