From September 16th 2021, Tenerrdis will lead the consortium of the AEWEN European project that aims to develop and implement a joint strategy to help EU SMEs from the energy and water sectors go international in 3 African countries: Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia.


The unrivaled renewable energy potential of Africa gives to the continent an extraordinary advantage for energy transition. However, electricty supply on the continent is lagging behind. In 2018, less than half of the population had access to electricity and only 2% of worldwide new electricity production capacity were located in Africa .


Help respond to the African demand for green solutions

Within this context, the AEWEN (or African-EU Water and Energy Network) project integrates four well established European clusters specialising in the complementary areas of energy and water and involving all together more than EU 400 SMEs.

The core aim of the project is to generate collaboration opportunities in the technology areas addressed by the four clusters and local African organisations, and respond to the growing demand for green transition solutions in three African countries: Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia.

Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia have been selected for they combine expected growth in the renewable energy & water sectors, and good business climate according to the World Bank “Doing Business” 2020 study.


4 objectives 

1/ Engage as many innovative European SMEs as possible into the energy and water markets of Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia.

2/ Accelerate the internationalisation of European SMEs by fostering the collaboration and integration of their capacities along the value chains

3/ Create and develop long-term strategic partnerships between EU SME and local African stakeholders

4/ Capitalise on a strong common identity promoting green transition solutions


Tenerrdis helps its members develop their projects in Africa

5 projects supported by Tenerrdis have been recently funded and are currently ongoing:

Tenerrdis also supports Co-Exist project which aims at connecting NGOs and companies for concrete projects

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