The French PV Producer Responsibility Organisation has selected the solution framed by ROSI and Envie 2E Aquitaine allowing a high-quality recovery of valuable raw materials from the PV value chain with a low environmental impact.


As a response to the fast growing market of used PV modules, the organization selected 3 new recycling operators, matching strignent specifications about economic, social, and environmental aspects of the project as well as the scalability of its recycling technologies.


The solution framed by ROSI and the social entreprise Envie has been selected for it allows :
•  the recycling of high valeur raw materials (high-purity silicon, silver, and copper) thanks to the breakthough innovations from ROSI.
• the reintegration of the raw materials in the local economy
• and job creation.


Deeply engaged in technological innovations, ROSI is among the very first companies in Europe to offer an industrial solution to economically recover high-purity silicon, silver, and copper from the  end-of-life PV modules. Thanks to the high quality of the recycled raw materials, ROSI’s innovative processes can be quickly scaled-up to reach a sustainable profitability.

 Thanks to the recognized expertise of Envie in collection, logistics, refurbishment, and job creation, ROSI is confident that its solutions will strengthen  the PV industry circularity and its contribution to the society.



Yun Luo introduces ROSI to the members of Tenerrdis (in French)