From building to city


Innovative energy solutions can be implemented at different scales: individual buildings, groups of buildings, neighborhoods, cities, greater urban areas, or entire regions. Whether it is a new technology, service, or business model, innovative local energy solutions must achieve the optimal balance between energy production, consumption, and storage and include the tools needed to boost flexibility and energy efficiency. And whether it is a building or entire region, innovative energy solutions most often include multi-energy and, sometimes, interconnected or interconnectable energy grids—the most effective way to optimize energy systems. Tenerrdis works with a variety of stakeholders to come up with innovative local energy solutions and identify potential synergies in support of relevant energy master plans.


Innovation as a response to energy poverty


Energy poverty

One of the challenges cities are facing is how to best address energy poverty in the context of the energy transition. This is because the energy transition cannot be considered a success unless it includes solutions that balance:

Did you know…

Tenerrdis has built partnerships with stakeholders from industry, academia, and government. The cluster’s partnership with the Grenoble Institute of Technology Foundation recently resulted in the creation of a Chair on Energy Poverty.