SmartEnergy: Accelerating the digitalization of energy in Europe

Funded by the EU COSME program, SmartEnergy aims at boosting the links between the energy world and the digital world, across 5 regions or european countries : in France’s Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, Italian Piedmont, the Wallonia and Flanders Regions in Belgium and Hungary.


Smart Energy aims to help companies and innovators to access new innovative European ecosystems, and to get in touch with partners in the crossroads between energy and digital technology.

It is aimed specifically at companies in the world of energy digitization or “Smart Energy”: innovative solutions at the crossroads between energy and digital technology, and which support energy efficiency, the intelligent energy distribution, Smart Grids, etc.



Initiated in February 2020, the SmartEnergy project is being run by a consortium of six European digital and energy clusters:


Three implemented action tools:


1/A specific service offer to the smart energy space. Cluster members will be able to adapt their services for their members.

To ensure that this happens, the needs of SMEs members will be assessed and an inventory of the know-how available in the six partner clusters’ ecosystems is underway. Two surveys have been completed online in 2020 :

A workshop and training session to further develop these services have been held on september 29th, 2020 on the sideline of Forum 5i organized in Grenoble.


  1. 2/The declination of the european ClusterXChange program

The companies will have an opportunity to take part in cross-border exchanges in the different organizations that belong to the partners clusters networks. These exchanges will have the purpose to help participants identify new partners and opportunities to penetrate new markets.

Due to sanitary conditions, these exchanges are held in a series of webinars called « SmartEnergy Six-pack » allowing each ecosystem to present its players and projects related to “Smart Energy”.

4 thematic series will be proposed:

Find out more on « Smart Energy six-pack » series


  1. 3/ A European alliance for the energy transition through digital technology

  2. To e-validate the interest on the orientations of such an alliance, the SmartEnergy project will analyze the cross-sector value chain and « Smart Energy » trends, and then put forward potential adaptations each cluster can make on the path to converging toward a common strategy.