Development of an active multi-functional concrete slab and the associated manufacturing processes


The Actidalle project will develop an active concrete slab that will combine different functions (structural, thermal, heating and cooling, acoustic, ventilation, and cabling and piping). The processes needed to manufacture the slab on an industrial scale will also be developed. A very low temperature approach, improved energy production yields, and waste-energy recovery will ensure that the slab delivers excellent occupant comfort and very low energy consumption.

The product will target the commercial building market. Each year in France 14 million sq. m of new commercial space is built. The innovations developed as a result of this project should position the product for widespread use and create non-offshorable jobs. French concrete manufacturer Vicat, the project lead, is engaged in cooperation with local government agencies to create innovative solutions for sustainable construction.




To ensure that the system is addressed in a comprehensive manner, Vicat is working in synergy with five partners, all experts in their fields: one SMB (ITF, a fluids engineering and sustainable development firm), two large companies (KP1, France’s leading manufacturer of prefabricated and preassembled structural systems for the construction industry, and ACOME, a low-temperature heating systems engineering firm), and two research laboratories (the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission and ENTPE/LGCB). Sustainable construction industry stakeholders came out in full force at the Sustainable Construction Forum organized by Tenerrdis in early March 2016, where topics like innovative materials and occupant comfort were among the key talking points.



CAPI, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional Council, French Single Interministerial Fund, Languedoc Roussillon Regional Council