Renewable energy production and integration into the carbon-free energy mix

Combine different sources of energy to create a relevant, economically-viable energy mix


This Strategic Focus Area concerns the development of combined and optimized energy production technologies and requires multiple inputs spanning technology, business, and legal and regulatory frameworks. Efficient integration of renewable energy into the energy system, including energy produced by the businesses that use energy, and securing the energy supply are the keys to a full-fledged energy transition and a differentiator for the region. Covering individuals’ energy needs and protecting society’s economic interests (acceptable pricing) are crucial in the face of technological, natural, sociopolitical, and geopolitical disruptions or threats, whether from within or from outside.


Tenerrdis’ 2022 objectives

Tenerrdis aims to establish Auvergne Rhône-Alpes as the region best positioned to promote the emergence of new combinations of technologies from different energy production systems for innovative applications with the potential for massive rollout.



alignment with public policy 

This Strategic Focus Area aims to respond to specific points in EU, French, and regional policies:


France’s Multi-year Energy Master Plan

In November 2018, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the nation’s energy strategy for the coming years. On January 25, 2019 the Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition released France’s Multi-year Energy Master Plan, the document that will guide the nation’s energy policies over the coming years. The primary objective of the Multi-year Energy Master Plan is to make the transition to a more efficient, economical, diversified, and resilient energy system. To avoid any disruptions to the energy system, the transition must follow a clearly-defined and well-planned path toward greater protection and conservation of the environment and climate. The ten-year Master Plan includes energy policy guidelines intended to help the nation reach the targets in the legislation. The Master Plan puts France firmly on the road toward achieving a net-zero carbon footprint by 2050, setting the course for all energy stakeholders who will contribute to France’s future energy mix.

A carbon-neutral France by 2050!


project focus

The Sun’Agri 2 project was set up to develop the dynamic optimization of agrivoltaic systems in order to effectively combine crop and solar electricity production on the same land. The project is a prime example of how technologies can be combined in novel ways.