Renewable energy and construction industry mission to Budapest (Hungary)

The energy and building trade cluster ArchEnerg with its innovation partners from SmartEnergy project are happy to host you for a dynamic 3-days programme and to connect you to the most relevant actors in Hungary!

Wednesday October 5th: Industrial and Technology Park of Budaörs

KT Electronic Ltd.
KT-Electronic Kft. is one of Hungary’s market leaders in the distribution of quality electronic devices. They are engaged in the production and distribution of the latest generationlighting devices based on UHP (Ultra High Power) LED technology. Our company manufactures and distributes LED and SOLAR devices.

Heat Ventures Ltd.
Thermal energy storage.  Our technology is patented, but our research is still going on.
We made a modelling algorithm, to simulate the processes inside these materials and create more efficient energy
storages. Our solution has been verified with prototypes and pilot projects and now we have many working
systems in the national and international market.

Kon Trade Ltd.
The company has become a significant factor in the indigenous vacuum technological industry. Now they also
repairing the malfunctioning devices during and after the warrantee period; but they can also design special-purpose vacuum technical machines and tools.


Thursday October 6th: Visits

ÉMI Construction and Technology Center
We have developed an innovative multi-element project for the ÉMI Industrial Park in Szentendre that is unique in the field of construction, and that has the potential to lay the foundation for the development of domestic energy conscious building.

Energotest Ltd.
ENERGOTEST Ltd. has been functioning since 1990 as a developing, manufacturing and distributing company. Energotest products are heating centers, heat pump systems, surface heating/cooling and thermo activated slab heating modules, parking solution with solar panels and chargers for e-cars, energy basket for heat pump systems, automatization, production of control panels, energy monitoring system and data management, measuring solutions in energy systems, analyzing thermal camera photos.

Horizont Global Ltd.
Horizont Global Ltd. is the owner of the HORIZONT ™ Energy Efficient Buildings Technology and the manufacturer of the steel frame profiles and structure. They provide a complete service in design, construction, and turnkey construction.
HORIZONT ™ steel frame construction technology is made up of walls, ceiling, beams and roof structures to build
residential, public, industrial and commercial facilities.


Friday October 7th: presentations

Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association

Zalavíz Waterworks Company. Supercritical water gasification of sewage sludge, wet biomass-based hydrogen production

GET Ltd. Professional Management Of Lighting Project

Kontakt-Elektro Ltd. The company is a well-established supplier among industrial enterprises in the fields of electrical automation, electronic and sensor technology.


The European SmartEnergy project reimburses 415 € for the travel expenses of european SMEs.