Renewed certification positions the cluster to continue to drive the energy transition

A new chapter begins

On February 7, 2019 Tenerrdis announced that it had received the French government’s cluster certification for the 2019–2022 period following the July 2018 call for proposals. The call for proposals and resulting certifications will position the nation’s clusters to continue to pursue their groundbreaking work in industries deemed crucial to the nation’s future and to extend their reach across Europe. Tenerrdis is one of France’s 48 clusters certified for the next four years.


The renewed certification is evidence that Tenerrdis’ strategy and model remain relevant in terms of the high level of engagement of stakeholders across the cluster’s ecosystem and, above all, the concrete results of Tenerrdis’ R&D projects


In a recent press release, Tenerrdis CEO Elisabeth Logeais said, “A new chapter is beginning—one in which we will pursue our efforts to drive the energy transition in the AuvergneRhône-Alpes region by continuing to bring stakeholders together and supporting our members’ innovation projects. As always, our objective is to make innovative solutions economically competitive, both in France and internationally.” 


Phase 4 marked by six strategic focus areas

To prepare for Phase 4 of the national cluster strategy, Tenerrdis identified six strategic focus areas to address the current challenges of the energy transition during the 2019–2022 period. The cluster has set up a partnership strategy to encourage stakeholders in the region and across France to work together to support each strategic focus area and more effectively orchestrate the integration of new technologies into tomorrow’s applications and, as a result, ensure the economic development of the concerned industries.