Pfeiffer Vacuum

The company Pfeiffer Vacuum SAS is an industrial from Annecy, previously known as Alcatel – Adixen, recognized as a global player in vacuum solutions for various “High-Tech” markets such as semiconductors and photovoltaics, and which has always supported a strong local investment.
Pfeiffer Vacuum SAS has developed a proactive dynamic of differentiation and innovation, industrial 4.0 investment, and agility.
Pfeiffer Vacuum’s markets are those of strategic sectors: Big Data, Energy, Electromobility, Health… Based on advanced technologies where vacuum is an essential element of production. The value of the company today is to propose vacuum not as a commodity but as a service at the heart of the performance of products and digitazed factories : “Vacuum as a service”.
Pfeiffer Vacuum aims to contribute to the relocation of Renewable Energies to French and European territories to become a major player in the solar sector. “Its desire is to bring to this sector its know-how and added value for “High-Tech” products, developed and recognized today to increase the efficiency of clean rooms in semiconductor factories around the world.
In this dynamic, the company is developing international collaborations with R&D players and photovoltaic equipment manufacturers. Its acts as an innovative company, participating in the development of future solar technologies of the future.


98 avenue de Brogny BP 2069


ETI (>251 et <1000 salariés), ETI / PME / TPE


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