The HOUMMI concept (HOUsing, Mobile, Modular, Innovation) on which we are working tends to imagine new constructive methods, a new relationship to space and is articulated around the notions of minimalism, agility and sustainability.
We are working on the dimensional bases of a maritime container to develop a modular and autonomous solution for units which can be transported by road (vehicle + trailer) and which can be connected and assembled like Lego’s.
Each module is about 16m2 (+ 4 M2 with mezzanine) on the ground and is designed with high quality materials to become the main residence of a student, a single person or a couple.
The modularity of the concept allows the house to evolve according to the future needs of its occupants, but it is also reversible and therefore allows temporary deployments.
Our starting point was the observation that living in a small space often feels as a constraint or can be frustrating. Therefore, our ambition is to make the idea of living in less than 20m2 desirable and attractive by completely rethinking our prejudices around the notion of space, and not only superficially.
Indeed, the smaller the space, the easier it is to optimize the performance and the energy cost of a house and therefore the better and more adapted it is for the environment. On top of that, a small space does not require concrete foundations and therefore, no irreversible soil artificialisation.
This minimalist lifestyle is often largely compensated by the fact that modules are placed near green spaces and thus facilitate contact and reconnection with nature which offers large spaces. We want to go even further by connecting the resident directly with the resources of his or her environment (water, solar energy…) to make them aware that these resources are not unlimited. We are also developing a complete monitoring system to follow and understand the resident’s production and consumption of water and energy.


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