Agence Locale de l’Energie et du Climat de la Métropole de Lyon (Alec Lyon)

ALEC was founded 2000 in order to implement actions which concern energy efficiency and sobriety, renewable energy production development, energy efficient renovation of buildings and energy-climate strategy for all stakeholders. She mainly works with citizens, homeowners, local authorities, building professionals ans social landlords.
Alec’ has three main areas of activities
1- Awareness-raising and education (activities in schools, conferences, exhibitions, on-site visits, workshops…); professional training programs;
2 – An energy information centre for local homeowners which is mainly focused on energy efficiency in private existing buildings or new projects. Project support in energy and buildings’ technical aspects: high environmental quality, housing insulation, heating systems, renewable energy sources (solar, PV and wood energy), energy efficiency standards. Since 2015 ALEC Lyon supports supports Greater Lyon in the animation of the energetic refurbishment support platform for private households.
3 – Energy and climate local policies, from their definition to their implementation: we support the Greater Lyon and a large number of its member cities with implementing their local climate action plan. We are also involved in some projects dealing with district refurbishment (eco areas or eco districts) and issues like urban planning and energy management.


14 place Jules Ferry
69006 LYON


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