France Gaz (AFG Auvergne Rhône Alpes)

All of AFG Auvergne RhOne Alpes’ activities fall within the framework of sustainable development and collaboration with all Renewable Energies and techniques contributing to energy savings. Its purpose is to promote the development of the gas industry and in particular:
• Create and strengthen links between its members ; defend their interests as part of the commitment to energy transition;
• Promote the dissemination of information relating to the development of materials and techniques for the production, transport, distribution and use of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gases and more generally combustible gases, and to research and studies in these fields, both in France and in Europe;
• Promote and contribute to the development of training for gas professions;
• Make the gas industry aware of the outlets offered on foreign markets ;
• Promote safe gas use;
• Participate in the creation of a balanced energy mix in which the gas vector will have its place.


82-84, rue Saint-Jérôme
69007 LYON


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