Since 1st January 2022, Séverine Jouanneau Si Larbi succeeds Elisabeth Logeais as CEO of Tenerrdis, the French competitiveness cluster for the energy transition.

Press release of 11th January 2022 – The Board of Directors at Tenerrdis, the competitiveness cluster for the energy transition, based in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, announces the appointment of Séverine Jouanneau Si Larbi as the cluster’s CEO.

46-year-old Séverine Jouanneau Si Larbi has extensive experience from her time with CEA-Liten, Europe’s leading research centre for the energy transition.

Since 2015, she has led the strategic and operational management of the “Batteries, Hydrogen & Electromobility” business unit, a body comprising 300 researchers. She has been responsible for all applied research projects for markets requiring on-board energy – from forging industrial and institutional collaborations and seeking funding, through to monitoring delivery.

In a phase of continuous growth of the cluster and its network (262 members at the end of 2021), Séverine Jouanneau Si Larbi brings to Tenerrdis her technical expertise and her project-management and team-building skills.

With her background in developing French and international partnerships, she will also further strengthen the cluster’s work in bringing together and encouraging collaboration between research centres and businesses – a key prerequisite for innovation and acceleration in the energy transition.

Séverine Jouanneau Si Larbi took over from Elisabeth Logeais on 1st January 2022.



“I am delighted to join Tenerrdis and work with its entire network to drive forward the acceleration of the energy transition and the expansion of its various sectors!

I am confident that the collective strength and collaborative innovation of businesses, public policies, academia and research laboratories will result in the emergence and realisation of innovative solutions for a low-carbon world and will help the development of competitiveness of businesses in the region to continue.

With the Tenerrdis team, our objectives will be to capitalise on the cluster’s very good dynamic and to make Phase V of French competitiveness clusters an opportunity to strengthen our added value for all our members.”

Séverine Jouanneau Si Larbi, CEO of Tenerrdis


About Tenerrdis

Established in 2005, the mission of the Tenerrdis competitiveness cluster in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes is to drive sustainable economic growth and to create long-term jobs in the new energy technology industries. With 262 members at the end of 2021, we support all stakeholders (businesses, research and educational bodies, local authorities etc.) in the emergence, development and promotion of innovative solutions for a low-carbon world.


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