Just one year ago started the AEWEN project led by Tenerrdis. Since, thanks to the mobilisation of the consortium, 146 companies from Africa and Europe have been gathered around one ambition: developing renewable energy and water solutions. The goal is now to enable concrete collaborations and projects. A big job too!


The AEWEN network is based on close collaboration between Africa and Europe. Nine cooperation agreements have been signed so far with chambers of commerce, research centres and other organisations in Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia. Their ambition is to build all together a sustainable network to support innovative solutions as well as international collaborations, and to enhance the transfer of competences.

The network already has nearly 150 members, including 14 from the Tenerrdis ecosystem.

OVER 90 stakeholders involved

Encouraging the internationalisation of SMEs is the main objective of the AEWEN project. In order to support companies, a series of webinars has been planned to improve their knowledge on topics such as project financing and to increase their understanding of the target markets. 91 companies and business organisations took part in the first three webinars. These provided the opportunity to present the overall project, exchange good practices to go international and introduce the Moroccan market.

The activity of the consortium is now focusing on the organisation of business missions to  Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia. Around fifteen European SMEs will be able to participate in each mission with the aim of establishing local relationships and developing business partnerships.

Upcoming events related to AEWEN


The AEWEN project in a nutshell

AEWEN stands for Africa Europe Water & Energy Network. By building a strong network between European and African stakeholders, the project wants to foster innovation to answer the growing demand for water and green energy solutions in Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia.

The project is co-financed by the European Union’s COSME programme. It is coordinated by Tenerrdis and carried out in collaboration with three partner clusters: Cluster TWEED (Belgium), Catalan Water Partnership (Spain) and Environment Park (Italy).