On next April 13 and 14, Tenerrdis will be the partner of MIX.E, the first Tech & Usages european event for a neutral carbon energy mix by 2050. Join the NetZero revolution!

2050 is now!

To maintain climate change below the crucial 1.5 degre level, carbon neutrality must be reached by 2050. Within the EU, this 2050 neutrality time schedule is binding with the European Green Deal, and the Fit for 55 package already enforces to reduce carbon mission by 55% by 2030.


no time to waste

How can we all innovate, invent and roll out solutions at a large scale ? How can all industrial, scientific, political and financial stakeholders align in order to undertake a global transformation at unprecedented speed ?

Unique in Europe, MIX.E makes the choice to cross Techs & Usages, public & private players in order to accelerate the energetic mix transformation, and to help companies and local organizations evolve towards low-carbon, resilient, and lasting value activities.


The Highlights programme


200 exhibitors, 600 inudustry attendees, 60 conferences and 200 off-the-self solutions


The Tenerrdis Village

A cluster dedicated in the energy transition, Tenerrdis will be silver partner of the event. It will hence participate to its two-days comprehensive programmation.

On its village, Tenerrdis will gather ten companies and startups from its network that are highly productive in the energy innovation and transition. The goal is to showcase concrete and scalable solutions making a real difference to meet carbon neutrality by 2050.



Interested ?

You are a regular partner of Tenerrdis and would like to be associated into the contents of the event, or simply showcase your solutions or networks ? Please get in touch with Ingrid Milcent from Tenerrdis.

Online subscription to the event will be possible  from January 2022.