A diverse, multi-talented governance team to serve our members


The Tenerrdis energy cluster is a nonprofit organization established under the laws of France. The cluster’s members belong to one of five colleges: corporate, SMB, centers of excellence, government, and nonprofit/other.

The Tenerrdis Board of Directors, made up of representatives of all five colleges, determines the cluster’s strategy and approves the operating budget. The seven-member Bureau of the Board of Directors ensures that the decisions made are implemented.

The Operations Staff, which reports to the Board of Directors, implements the cluster’s strategy and is responsible for day-to-day administration. Program Coordinators and Subject-matter Experts with backgrounds in industry, research, and education provide technology insights and project-management know-how to initiatives across the cluster’s target industries.

The Board of Directors



The Board

Julien Français, Chairman | Isabelle Guillaume, Secretary | Didier Roustan, Treasurer | David Havard, Vice President, Corporate | Raphael D’Onofrio, Vice President, SMBs | Florence Lambert, Vice President, Centers of Excellence (technological innovation) | Christian Schaeffer, Vice President, Centers of Excellence (higher education and academic research)  | Thierry Raevel, Advisor | Laurent Grimaud, Advisor |


Operations Staff




Program Coordinators and Subject-matter Experts


Program Coordinators

Philippe Malbranche – CEA 
Philippe Lay – ECM Greentech 

Subject-matter Experts

Anne Kaminski – Grenoble Institute of Technology


Program Coordinators

Farid Mazzouji – GE Renewable Energy

Claude Rebattet – Grenoble Institute of Technology

Subject-matter Experts

Régiane Fortes – Grenoble Institute of Technology
Didier Roult – CNR 



Program Coordinators

Isabelle Maillot – CEA Liten

Yves François – Regional Chamber of Agriculture

Subject-matter Experts

Yilmaz Kara – Engie
Anabelle Brousse Cleret – GRTgaz 
Patrick Germain – LGCIE Insa Lyon 
Hassen Benbelkacem – LGCIE Insa Lyon 

Program Coordinators

Bassam Barakat – CETIM
Stéphane Barre –  LEGI Grenoble-Alpes University
Malvina Billere – CEA Leti
Nicolas Girard – Engie Green 

Subject-matter Experts

To be determined


Program Coordinator

Thierry Priem – CEA 

Subject-matter Expert

Marian Chatenet – LEPMI Grenoble Institute of Technology

Program Coordinators

Nouredine Hadjsaid – Grenoble Grenoble Institute of Technology
Cédric Vissac – Enedis 

Subject-matter Experts

Alstom Grid 
Pascal Venet – Laboratoire Ampère 
Grégory Fayet – EDF 


Program Coordinators

Daniel Quenard – CSTB 
Carole Horlaville – Deltadore EMS


Subject-matter Experts

Etienne Wurtz – CEA
Christophe Menezo – CETHIL
Jean-Luc Hubert – CETHIL-EDF R&D